The Value of Independent Assessments

Assessments conducted by independent resources provide an organization with an unbiased evaluation of its performance against strategy and objectives; or industry, national, or international criteria as a key activity in the organization’s continual improvement efforts. Assessments can be conducted organization-wide, within a division or department, or at a project level.

Key Deliverables

The key deliverable of the assessment is a report which provides a review of the assessment methodology, assessment scope, and criteria used to assess organizational practices and/or performance; and findings in the form of both Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement.

Executing and Evaluate

Assessments are a commitment in time and resources to the organization. Careful determination of the scope and establishment of a detailed assessment plan and schedule are required, and performed in collaboration with the assessment’s sponsor. 

The execute and evaluate phases entail data gathering, interviews with organizational resources, and briefings with the sponsor. Although briefings are conducted to ensure leadership is kept abreast of findings, the assessment resources maintain their independence. 

Assessment Findings

Once the evaluation phase is complete, the assessment resources provide an out-briefing to the assessment sponsor, followed by an out-briefing with all assessment participants, and the written report is finalized and provided to the assessment sponsor. Opportunities for Improvement are prioritized, planned, and implemented by the organization. Although organizations have a tendency to focus on the Opportunities for Improvement, it is equally important to ensure strengths are maintained.

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