Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap: Provide Consistent Sales Messages

bridging the sales gap with consistent messaging

Bridging the sales productivity gap includes having a consistent sales message. Leading companies excel at providing this message and seventy percent of the top-performing companies have a consistent sales message during the buyer’s journey that is tied to win strategies and themes based on customer needs. Increasing the production of the sales force is a priority for top-level executives within all companies.

Consistent Sales Messages are Key for Success

With all the competition in the business world today, your organization needs to have a clear and consistent message. With many organizations, there is a communication gap to getting their message out to everyone who is involved including customers, internal win team members and operations.

How to Create a Consistent Sales Message

Having a consistent message throughout your organization is the key for successful sales productivity. Below are some key factors for creating this.

  • Start with your company mission statement to create your message.
  • Decide what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Understand your target market. Some things to consider: who are your customers, industry trends and issues and what platforms does your audience prefer; social media, email or website.
  • The sales message should be clear and consistent within and outside your organization. Everyone in the organization should be conveying the same information about your company and your brand. The customer specific message/ win strategy can be customized but the overall company message should be consistent and based on your differentiators.
  • Don't confuse your audience and customers.
  • Make sure to train salespeople about what they need to be saying about the company.
  • Create a visual consistency with your company. Think of all the brands you recognize right away, because of their logo and color scheme, like Nike or Apple. Designing your web or social media site should reflect the same theme and colors as your logo, keeping it consistent. 

Providing a consistent sales message will create a better customer experience, which leads to them engaging in their own way. The top companies are successful, because they have created this consistency, which customers respond to.